Entry Level IP Phone with Future-Proof Functionality


So, your office isn’t migrating to IP Phone system yet? Then this is the right time to do it. IP phone technology has been developing rapidly and today, it is proven to be very reliable communication solution with even better cost efficiency. Every business professional knows very well that optimum communication is one of the most crucial factors for business success and that’s why you need to make sure your business operation is supported with the most reliable communication solution.

Here in Dubai where business environment becomes more and more competitive, reliable and effective communication is even more important. Dubai is an international business hub where you may have partners, suppliers, or prospective customers, not only from the different parts of the city or country, but even from overseas. What you need is IP Phone system suitable for your business operation and also financially feasible. That’s why we recommend Yealink T21P E2 IP Phone. Yealink is a global manufacturers of VoIP phone and other communication solutions. It is known for its advanced technology and wide ranges of products designed and built to meet various needs and purposes.

This T21P E2 IP Phone is an entry level IP phone for office telephony system. This compact phone has simple and user friendly configuration while able to offer future-proof functionality. It can offer superior sound quality and highly compatibility with PBX and office network system. Rich of features make it so powerful. It can support 2 VoIP account, PBX ready, and able to support conference calls. It also comes with reliable security protocol to make it even suitable for office telephony solution. This IP phone is also one of the most affordable products in the market to make it an ideal choice for small business and enterprises. Contact Yealink Dubai for more detailed information on specs and pricing of this IP Phone.